Page 2: Here's an example of what
a typical page will look like

PLEASE NOTE: This page will not appear on your site. It is just an example that reflects the changes you make on the Page Layout tab.

To make changes to the general style of the pages for your site edit the settings in the configuration boxes on the left hand side of the Page Layout tab. There are seven sections of a typical web page that can be customized. Here's a brief description of each one:

  • Header – This is located at the very top of the page. Often it will include a logo or header graphic that includes the web sites name.
  • Left Panel – Under the header and to the left of the main panel where the main body copy of the web page appears. Here you will often find links to all of the important pages on a web site.
  • Main Panel – This is where the body copy for your web site will appear.
  • Main Panel Footer – At the bottom of the Main Panel is the Main Panel Footer. With XSitePro you have a choice of whether you have a footer that stretches the full length of the page or whether the footer excludes the left and right column and appears immediately under the main body of text. You can also have both at the same time if you wish. For example, you may want to have various links to pages appear under the main body copy and a copyright message on the page footer.
  • Right Panel – This is the space between the main panel and the page margins. People often include testimonials or banner advertisements in this section.
  • Page Footer – This is the section that appears immediately below the left and right columns and the main body of the page. Often it will include a copyright message and may include a reminder of the web page URL.
  • Margins – These appear on both the left and right side of the web page although with XSitePro you can, if you wish, choose to have the page left justified and only have a margin on the right hand side of the page.

More information on how to use the Page Layout tab can be found in the XSitePro manual or in the context sensitive help system.

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The text in this column can be edited quickly and easily by going to the Page Layout tab and clicking on the Designer button in the Left Panel section.